Mediation allows adverse parties to achieve voluntary resolution of their dispute without the need for further arbitration or litigation. Our attorneys serve as knowledgeable, experienced and effective mediators. Arbitration, like litigation, results in an imposed resolution of a dispute, and may often be completed sooner and at less cost than litigation. Unlike litigation, the results of an arbitration may remain confidential.

We provide effective mediation and arbitration services for all types of civil disputes to attorneys, to the business community, and to individuals by:

  • Assisting parties in objectively and calmly mediating their disputes. Our knowledge of the law, together with many years of business and litigation experience, provides the insight necessary to guide participants toward mutually acceptable solutions to difficult problems.
  • Conducting efficient arbitration proceedings and rendering impartial, fair, and just decisions in a timely manner. We have served as court-appointed arbitrators, American Arbitration Association arbitrators, and privately selected arbitrators in a variety of disputes.

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