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AB 9 – Employment Discrimination Statute of Limitations Extension

Question:  An employee who quit over two years ago is now threatening to file a claim against my company for discrimination.  Can the employee file such an old claim? Answer:  No.  But under AB 9 (the Stop Harassment and Reporting Extension Act (“SHARE”)), which Governor Newsom signed into law on October 10, 2019, beginning January 1, 2020, employees will…

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The Golden Rule Applies to Workplaces Too

Question:  What is one of the best ways to avoid workplace lawsuits? Answer:  The answer is simple yet elusive in some…

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Independent Contractor Classification Legislation

Question:  I read your newsletter about the court case involving independent contractors, but now I’m hearing about a…

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Question: Is it mandatory to provide a retirement plan for all of my employees?   Answer: Not exactly.  California…

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Changes to California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Law

Changes to California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Law By Sara Boyns On August 30, 2019 Governor…

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CalSavers: Retirement Planning Made Easy

CalSavers: Retirement Planning Made Easy By Susannah L. Ashton What is CalSavers? As of July 1, 2019, employers may…

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Background Check Requirements

Question: I own a company where my employees have to enter the homes of my clients. Can I have criminal background…

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Employers EEOC Pay Data Reporting Due September 1, 2019

Question: I run a business with over 100 employees and I am confused about the pay data I have to report to the EEOC.…

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New Law Banning Discrimination Based on Natural Hairstyles

Question: My business has a grooming policy that requires our employees to maintain a professional appearance,…

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