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COVID-19 Pandemic Layoffs

Question: The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted my business and I have to make hard decisions about staffing.  What do I need to know about furloughing or laying off employees? Answer: Sadly, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are forced to make the difficult decision to let employees go.  Upon recognizing the need to make staffing…

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Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace

Question: Can I require my employees to get the new COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes available? Answer:  The Equal…

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New Cal/OSHA Regulations Require Employers to Adopt and Implement a COVID-19 Prevention Program

Question: My business has an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (“IIPP”) to comply with the Cal/OSHA workplace safety…

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New Law Roundup

Question:  I run a relatively large business in California, and I do my best to keep up on California’s ever-changing…

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Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Must Be Completed By January 1, 2021

Question:  I remember reading about harassment prevention training requirements for small businesses, but the deadlines…

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Employers With 5 or More Employees Will Be Required to Provide California Family Rights Act Leave

Question: I heard there is a new leave law that applies to small employers in California.  What is it? Answer: The…

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Employee Flu Vaccinations

Question: Because of increased concerns of employee health and safety due to the pandemic, can I require my employees…

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Employee Handbook Updates Required for 2021

Question: We haven’t updated our Employee Handbook for a few years.  Do we need to update it for 2021? Answer:  Yes,…

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New Employer Notice Requirements Related to Workplace Exposure to COVID-19

Question: Is it true that employers will soon be required to provide notice to employees if there is a risk that they…

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