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Workplace Investigations and Confidentiality

Question:  I just completed a workplace investigation. Unfortunately during the investigation there was a lot of discussion and gossip about the investigation, which had a negative impact on the investigation and my employees.  I am considering implementing a policy that prohibits employees from discussing workplace investigations with anyone other than the…

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Is Gluten Sensitivity a Disability?

Question: I am a restaurant owner and we have seen an increasing number of guests with gluten sensitivity.  We offer…

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Employee Handbook Alert – New Law Requires Employers to Develop & Implement a Lactation Accommodation Policy

Question: Are there any new employment laws that will require me to revise my Employee Handbook in 2020? Answer: Yes.…

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AB-1482: The So-Called “Tenant Protection Act of 2019”

Article by Tyler Moran Governor Newsom recently signed a bill which has the potential to change the entire landscape of…

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Save Your E-Verify Records

Article by Ashley Cameron Before the end of the year, employers are encouraged to download and save their E-Verify…

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California Supreme Court Resolves Fundamental CEQA Question

Article by Alex Lorca This important court decision provides clarity to public agencies, as well as developers, as to…

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Tis the Season for Holiday Pay?

Question: Now that the holiday season is upon us I plan to keep my coffee shop open on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and…

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AB 9 – Employment Discrimination Statute of Limitations Extension

Question:  An employee who quit over two years ago is now threatening to file a claim against my company for…

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The Golden Rule Applies to Workplaces Too

Question:  What is one of the best ways to avoid workplace lawsuits? Answer:  The answer is simple yet elusive in some…

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