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Employee Handbook Updates Required for 2021

Question: We haven’t updated our Employee Handbook for a few years.  Do we need to update it for 2021? Answer:  Yes, there are several new laws that require employers of all sizes to update their employee handbook.  The new laws and required updates include: Expanded Leave Rights. Employers with 5-49 employees must adopt and implement a new California…

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New Employer Notice Requirements Related to Workplace Exposure to COVID-19

Question: Is it true that employers will soon be required to provide notice to employees if there is a risk that they…

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Recent Changes to COVID-19 Paid Leave Programs

The purpose of this article is to detail recent changes to COVID-19 laws that may apply to your business.  If your…

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California COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave

On September 9, 2020 Governor Newsom signed AB 1867 granting COVID-19 paid sick leave to many employees who were…

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Fenton & Keller COVID-19 FAQs

There are some important changes to laws relating to COVID-19 as the Department of Labor and California Legislature…

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Political Rally Participation

Question: I have a strict “no politics” policy at my business, but I learned that two of my employees attended a…

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New California Employment Laws and Regulations

Question:  I am in the process of reopening my business after the COVID-19 shutdown.  Are there any new laws of which I…

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New Forms for Family and Medical Leave

Question:  I read that the Department of Labor revised forms for employers to use when an employee takes FMLA leave.  I…

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Employee Handbook and Policy Changes Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Question:  My business normally employs 25-35 employees.  Since March that number has fluctuated, and I have had to…

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