Fenton & Keller has its origins in the Monterey, California law partnership formed by J. Hampton Hoge and Lewis L. Fenton in 1952. Both men were trial attorneys of exceptional ability who were committed to the legal profession and to serving their communities. Since its inception, the firm has been dedicated to delivering outstanding legal services and sound, practical counsel to our valued clients. In 1993, the Monterey office of the firm founded by Lewis Fenton and Hampton Hoge became the independent law firm of Fenton & Keller. Fenton & Keller attorneys continue the tradition of legal excellence established by Lewis Fenton and Hampton Hoge through vigorous, proactive representation on a wide variety of legal issues and a commitment to community service. Several of our attorneys have been appointed to the judiciary, while others have served and continue to serve as members of the boards of community service organizations throughout the Monterey Bay region.