Every year I worry that our workplace does not have all of the required posters in place. There are so many I lose track. Can you summarize the posting requirements for California employers?


You concerns are well founded, because it seems that every year there are new or newly revised posters that are required for the workplace. In general, workplace postings must be displayed at each worksite in an area accessible to all employees and applicants.

There are new 2011 versions of some of the required federal posters, including, “Federal Minimum Wage,” “Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law,” and “Safety and Health Protection on the Job.” There are also new 2011 versions of some California required posters including “California Minimum Wage,” “Your Rights Under USERRA (Veterans Benefits),” and “Notice Employee Polygraph Protection Act” posters. Many government agencies and private vendors supply required workplace postings.

Posters that all employers are required to display include:

  • Veterans Benefits (USERRA Notice)
  • Emergency Phone Numbers
  • Pay Day Notice
  • Safety and Health Protection on the Job
  • Discrimination or Harassment in Employment is Prohibited by Law
  • California Minimum Wage*
  • Federal Minimum Wage *
  • *Both the state and federal minimum wage posters must be posted, even though California’s minimum wage is currently higher than the federal minimum wage.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
  • Time Off for Voting
  • Notice Employee Polygraph Protection Act
  • EDD Notice to Employees
  • Protection for Employee Whistleblowers
  • Wage Orders – All employers must post the industry-specific Wage Order for their business.
  • Workers’ compensation: The posting and notice requirements were amended in 2010 to require all employers using Managed Professional Networks (MPNs) to provide treatment for workers’ compensation claims to give employees information regarding the MPN(s) being used. Therefore, in addition to the required workers’ compensation poster, “Notice to Employees—Injuries Caused by Work” that employers must post, they must also post information about the MPN(s). Any pamphlet distributed by the employer regarding workers’ compensation must include information regarding the employer’s MPN(s).

Employers with 5 or more employees must post the Pregnancy Disability Leave poster available from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing,

Employers with 50 or more employees and all public agencies must post the Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA Leave) and Pregnancy Disability Leave, and “Your Rights Under the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993” and the Military Leave posters, also available at

High hazard employers of 10 or more employees must post the “Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses” available at Agricultural employers must post the “Employee Rights Under the H-2A Program” poster available at the U.S. Department of Labor website,

Federal contractors and subcontractors must post the “Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act” poster, also available at

In addition to these workplace posters, employers are required to distribute notices and pamphlets to employees, including “Notice to Employees – Unemployment Insurance Employment Development Department,” “Paid Family Leave,” “Sexual Harassment Information Sheet,” and the “Workers’ Compensation Brochure.”

Other posters and notices may be required depending on your industry, such as postings relating to heavy equipment or forklifts, chemical use, and government contracts.

For additional information on workplace postings, visit:,,,,,,

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